The Blueline Press                                        Vermont

                                    The Blueline Press

     The Blueline Press was established in 1979 with the founding of the literary magazine Blueline at Blue Mountain Lake in New York’s Adirondack mountains. Named for the line that defines the Adirondack Park, it was licensed in the state of New York in 1988 and in Vermont in 2001.

      New to The Blueline Press in 2012 is an anthology of poetry by poets living in or having lived in Vermont: Birchsong: Poetry Centered in Vermont (February, 2012). Forthcoming is the 2nd revised edition of What Do You Do With a Kinkajou? (Lippincott).  

     The Blueline Press is also offering two books by former museum director and historian Craig Gilborn: 
Adirondack Furniture and the Rustic Tradition (reprint 2011), and Whose History? A Museum Memoir (2009). Blueline is currently published by the English Department, Potsdam College, Potsdam, New York. 


                                                                                                       ©Karen Halverson

©Joshua Reynolds

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